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We live in a fast paced world. Therefore, it is very reasonable if we find an excuse to escape our job as well. But, how do we do that?

Firstly, I need you to picture the following scenario:

James is a regular salesman at the local mart. He needs his job badly as his monthly mortgage payments are dependant on his salary that he draws each month. Besides that, James needs to pay for the daily sustenance and necessities for his wife and three children!

James does not like his boss very much. Moreover, he has to work six days every week! The toil at work does not give him sufficient time to be with his spouse and his children. He always finds it a great pity when he is unable to bring his kids for outdoor activities. Sometimes, he finds great difficulty to take a single day’s leave to watch his children performance at the school’s auditorium.

What can James do?

From these unfortunate circumstances, James risks his job if he does take leave from his work. But, he needs a break badly as well! Fortunately, James can take a break from his work using a doctor’s excuse.

But, is it possible for James to fool a doctor successfully each time he wishes to take a day off? And won’t James incur unnecessary medical bills in his attempt to skip his job? To summarize, there are just too many disadvantages and risks to be taken if he were to consult a doctor.

For people like James who are just need the day off, they can always use a fake doctor’s excuse to avoid his work. There are many fake doctors’ notes online. There are some which look authentic and real. And there are some which look ridiculously false. You have to make sure that your fake doctor’s excuses look real before you submit them to your company’s human resource department.

If your fake doctor excuse doesn’t go through, you will face heavy penalties for attempting to cheat the company! Such heavy penalties include the loss of remuneration and even your career!

I feel that there is a need to reiterate this because it is so important. You need to make sure that your fake doctor’s excuse looks genuine enough so that you can go finally take a breather, read a book and even bring the dog for a long, rigorous walking session with peace of mind.

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