How To Choose A Commercial Painting Contractor

You've done it.  You've decided to hire a professional painting contractor for a project at your corporation or small business. Whether you've contracted this work out before or not, finding an experienced and professional commercial painting contractor can be a daunting task. Ultimately, the list of professional painting contractors may seem endless, but upon closer inspection of their qualifications and resources, your list of choices narrows drastically. (while it may seem that they are "endless" qualified companies are not plentiful)

What elements are important when beginning the hiring process?

First, make the most of your networking circle.  You may have a person whose opinion you value that has hired a painting contractor in the past. Utilizing their experiences may allow for a more successful outcome with your selection of a painting contractor.  If you do not have this luxury, begin by reviewing the options available to you. Professional painting contractors offer varying levels of services, but their experience level and knowledge of your particular project can differ significantly. What each professional brings to the table will help you to narrow down your potential list of companies.

Next, when you have prepared a short list of prospective painting contractors, call them and ask for a list of jobsites or photos of similar projects they've done in the past for you to review. A qualified and honest contractor will readily supply you with a list of locations to visit or photos.  This will help you to determine their capabilities and whether it suits your needs. They also can answer any other questions you may have discovered while researching your options.  A true professional, and one with integrity, will take the time to help you understand your options and any limitations of your project.

When you've finally decided on a painting contractor you would like to discuss your commercial painting project with, you should first verify their license and/or certifications. These key elements are important to not only the quality of work they can provide, but can also validate their level of expertise. This verification can make or break your decision to hire this painting contractor.

Perhaps the most important element of hiring a painting contractor involves insurance. Any reputable commercial painting contractor will have current general liability and worker's compensation insurance.  It's required by law.  Do they have insurance? What is covered and what limits of coverage do they maintain? The vital details of liability in different situations should be discussed with your attorney. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure the contractor you hire is covered adequately for your project.  If you didn't perform due diligence yourself, don't be surprised if a situation arises and you are not covered.  Ask questions now, not later.

Finding a professional and experienced painting contractor doesn't have to be difficult.  Once you find a reliable painting contractor to complete your project, you can also contract with them on an as needed basis for maintenance of your facility.

This initial search may be time-consuming, but the end result, will be worth the effort in the long run.

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