Wow ! Frank Thomas Rules !

As most of us know, Frank Thomas story didn't start in a plush environment. When Frank found himself pennyless after a devastating bankruptcy, the tought of ever surrounding himself with any degree of comfort, was the most remote.

To top it off, his transportation was reposessed and his "stellar" credit was shot.

But determined to see past the hardship, Frank decided not to pursue any of the old ventures he had been affiliated with but rather look for a different means of earning a living.

He remembered a few years back, when a good friend of his had told him about an online opportunity that he had been promoting and how it had really taken off.

Frank at the time had doubts he could get enough people to join in and make this work

"I just don't see how folks will come to me in large enough numbers to get this thing to generate enough greenbacks ! "

But with not to many options left, it got him curious enough to  start putting together a marketing plan that would blow the competition out of the water. The next few weeks were to be a determinating trek into was was going to become a new marketing trend that has spread like wild fire !

Without realizing it, Frank had created a system that could be duplicated by anyone needing to promote a business or a product online

"when I flip the switch it just instantly filled my inbox with credit card in hand prospects".

That was over a year and a half ago and to day Frank loves to share his system with students around the globe, to help them get away from the ol' grind and start enjoying live the way it was meant to be...

Definately a enterpreneur worth hooking up with...

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