Why The Reverse Funnel System Makes Success Easy

The Reverse Funnel System (RFS) was developed by the Inner Circle as a fully automated, marketing tool to run your Global Resorts Network (GRN) business.

RFS works for you by providing expert copy and thought through psychology at your fingertips for lease.  You pay the Inner Circle monthly and they lease you your own personal copy of RFS.

RFS could be linked to any business opportunity but the members of The Inner Circle choose GRN because of the powerful motivator that is thousand dollar commissions.  If it was extremely difficult to sell a three thousand dollar product I am sure the Inner Circle would have reviewed this decision but the fact is it is not.  People want to spend three thousand dollars on an opportunity that can easily make them three thousand a week.  You just need to remind them.

You remind them by preparing them to see the sight by driving them to click your URL to your copy of RFS.  You can do this in a variety of ways.

Join co-ops – it always will add to your marketing efforts to join a co-op and get a certain number of paid leads sent to you every month.  Send them to the reverse funnel system and boost your click through.

Give the opportunity to your friends in MySpace – It’s MySpace, everybody is potentially your friend.  Help them out by casually befriending them so they can view the success that is your life via profile information and give them the opportunity to make a grab for it to.

Write some class act personal growth and success blogs, wage drama in a forum venue, preach the potential through article directories, back link everything to you copy of RFS.

In no time you should have sales coming in and plenty of people with their foot in the door for you to contact and convince.  As long as you maintain that YOU will be a positive influence in the lives of your down line and that YOU won’t be happy with your success unless they are succeeding you will keep your team happy, be a motivational force in their efforts and make more money.

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