The new Mac Air:Some of the features of the thinnest yet

The new addition to the Mac family has finally landed, the MacBook Air, and yes it is amazingly thin.  This laptop sure does live up to its name, MacBook Air is thin like air itself. This laptop is the world’s thinnest laptop  to be made.  This laptop has many great qualities that other manufacturers can’t copy, and put into such a small space.  There is  an illuminated keyboard for use in dark areas such as planes,trains and automobiles. So far this is the best thing that Mac has ever created.

There are many good features on the Macbook Air.  The first thing is that there is a flip down hatch that reveals all the ports.  Just close the hatch and it feels like they were never there.The multi-touch trackpad, has a lot of uses, such as swiping, rotating or zooming in and zooming out, and progressing through an album.  The new touch system in the iPhone and the iPod are now in the Macbook Air as well. Also, like the previuos Macbooks this notebook has a built in web cam, so you can chat with and see your friends that are in landsfar away.  The built in camera can be used for many other applications, such as making a presentationor slide shows.

Since this laptop has a resolution of 1280 by 800 the screen gives you lush, vibrant, and rich colours at full brightness, which makes looking at the screen even more fun.  As for the keyboard it is full-size with sufficient keys just like the ones on the other MacBooks. Although Mac took this laptop to a new level, the keyboard has an installed backlight key illumination, making it easier to work in those dark areas. Also Mac has added a bigger multi-touch trackpad, for those hard to do jobs such as moving the scroll bar without dragging the scrollbar.

This notebook is not heavy at all.  In fact it only weighs 3 pounds, and is only 1/2"  thick. In spite of its skinny size it has a screen that is 12.1/2" inches wide, and 13.1/4" inches diagonal. That is really big for a laptop that is so thin.  Many people think that because it’s so thin that it won’t have a USB port or a audio port, and many other things, well it does, but the company limited the port to 1 USB port, but the laptop still has one.

As for those people who download stuff, well good news.  Macbook Air comes with a 2GB of RAM built in which isn’t a lot, but enough & The good news is that you have an option to upgrade to a 64 GB Solid-State RAM.  So if you like downloading stuff, then this is the way ahead.

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