Tips on how to get the best price for your home

Do you know how the viewings will be taking place? Some people may be more comfortable showing potential buyers around their homes themselves, take into account houses shown by agents ( quicker, as shown by statistics. The best option would probably be to work with the agents, with you handling the viewings when the agent is unavailable.

Clear communication is key so you could make preparations beforehand, like testing their customer service to see how efficient their response is. The way they handle your enquiry could be indicative of how they deal with potential buyers. One more thing is set a good selling price, slightly below others on the street should help to sell quickly.

In most situations, only agree to a 'no sale, no fee' agreement. As always, it would be wise to get all the details in writing prior to signing.

Should you ask about what percentage of the sale fall through? Why would you… right? Well you should, as this will give you an indication of how committed the agent is to seeing the sale of your property right from start to finish. Another sign of a good agent, is if they recognize if potential buyers straight off.

However if the agent your using says he's found a 'cash buyer' for your property, clarify what they mean exactly. It could someone who is 'chain free' but the whole transaction could be held up by a hidden mortgage. It should really mean someone who could buy your property with the cash in the bank.

Another thing to bear in mind are pets; make sure they are out when your showing potential buyers around your home, you want to demonstrate a place of calm and comfort, to relax and unwind or entertain guests. Even if you are trying to sell a family home, a similar rule applies to children, let them stay with friends or relatives while you show buyers around, as it may be difficult to ask them to behave. Don't forget you are trying to sell the family home, not show people the family in action.

Offer some incentives to potential buyers. Some big developers may offer to give white goods (fridges, freezers, cookers etc), and even paying part of the mortgage in order to secure a transaction. Some could even get your children into the best school in your area because of the postcode.

Also remove all clutter from the house. This includes any rubbish or skips filled with junk or things from the garden like unwanted shrubs, as any mess could make potential buyers think that the rest of the house is messy, or even that you are not serious about selling.

With estate agents it's a bit tricky, as you want to find one who will give you the best deal are trustworthy and will sell your house.

Traditionally sellers would use a neutral colour scheme when selling a property, as it's a colour that most people will like, and light colours will give the impression of a bigger, brighter and clean home.

It is always worth asking about what you want and need to know. Find out what incentives there may be and discover which agent and sale proposition is the right one for you.

Remember to take care of those little things like finishing those DIY jobs so your home looks complete, then potential buyers can imagine living there themselves. It makes sense to make sure your home doesn't have any peeling paint or lingering bad odours.

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