Your house can sell quickly through Estate Agents

There are a few things you can do when choosing an agent to help ( your homeas mentioned above what you inform them to do is just as important as getting the highest sale price for your home.

You might also want to consider Joint Sole Agency meaning you will have two agents marketing your property simultainously. In a way this can kill two birds with one stone as they can bring more buyers to view your home. And it doesn't matter which agent finds a buyer first, as the commission will be divided between them at the end. Beware though, that this also means the rates they charge are more than if you used just one agent through Sole Agency.

These days it is not too difficult to sell a property yourself, if you know all the details about things like contracts and property auction. Using agents may be the traditional way of selling your home, but it is particularly suited to;

-A property that has a for a high value

-Buyers who haven't found a house they like yet

-You if you are not stuck to a set time limit

-You if you want your property to have sold within six months

-People who don't want to be too involved with the sale of a property.

Agents can reduce their fee, for example with some you may not need to pay for a HIP, and some might even pay your legal fees! But definitely check with them first. Double check your situation before diving head-first into anything concerning your property; do you need a cash buyer quickly? Are you in a chain but need something to help you move between homes?

Probably the most obvious thing, but if you understand your own situation clearly, giving that information to an agent will help them help you find the best solution. Because they are usually trained or have been in the industry long enough to know a lot of the rules, but it doesn't hurt to know a thing or two yourself.

Even though using an agent may help to reduce the price, there is still no guarantee of an actual sale. No doubt there will be at least some disadvantages to using agents, such as delays, inconvenience and risk, but if you think about it the advantages tend to outweigh the negatives in the world of property.

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