Ways to select the right recruitment company

In the UK there is no shortage of recruitment companies and with the average salary getting higher it is important to select the right recruitment company to work with your business to ensure you attract the highest caliber candidates.

Here we look at some pointers to select the right recruitment agency:

Tip no.1

Check for expertise in the area. The recruitment agency should know about local qualifications, the registration process for professional bodies and have some background for such operations.

Tip no.2

Go personally to their headquarters. Meet the people, check their offices and their employees and make sure they are not just some guys working in their bedroom.

Tip no.3

Meet the persons that will be working on your account. Try to be permanently in touch with them, as many agencies tend to pass their clients even to some inexperienced employees.

Tip no.4

Contact existing clients for references. They are the most trustworthy sources in the matter but be careful on rushing to call immediately the number they gave you. It could be anyone. Research the company on the Internet and make sure it's a really credible source.

Tip no.5

Investigate the kind of support they offer. The way they treat the candidates tells a lot about their services. See if they offer service at any time, look for work incentives for employees.

Many agencies will also run psychometric tests to assess a candidate's abilities, as well as testing relevant experience such as presentation skills or typing speeds. The agency may specialise in recruiting for a specific sector, such as IT, media or construction, or it may offer a wide selection of jobs. Agencies may also specialise in temporary or contract placements, or may find candidates full-time positions.

The UK recruitment market is relatively mature, and competition can be intense, particularly during times of economic uncertainty when businesses initiate freezes on recruitment.

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