Who Are The Leaders Behind The Launch Of GeneWize? – Genewize Facts

Genewize life sciences is a new division of a company called GeneLink, which is a 12 year old Nutritional Research and Development company in the area of genetics.  For the last 12 years Genelink has been developing processes, and procedures in the area of integrating nutrition and genetic research.

They have truly made some AMAZING break throughs in this time period as well.  For instance, as far as I know they are the ONLY company existing right now that is customizing nutrition to people’s actually genetics, and personalizing nutrition to their lifestyle.

Genelink has created a process where they use 98 ingredients in over 177,000 different ways to customize nutrition to each person’s Genetic code.  By taking a saliva sample and assessing DNA, genelink can form a profile for each person…and then match nutrition to their particular profile.

This is obviously a HUGE breakthrough in nutrition and genetics, and is perfectly poised to capitalize off the rising wellness trends and demand for personalized nutrition.

Because of this, Genelink formed a network marketing division of their company called GeneWize which is going to be the marketing force that brings their incredible product to market.

Genewize, backed by this much awesome science and research, poised in the market as they are now, is positioned to capitalize tremendously off the trends happening in our economy right now.  There will be many people who create tremendous success as GeneWize expands and brings its product to the world.

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