Website Maintenance Vendors-a checklist

Maintenance of your website is an absolute necessity to keep it fresh for visitors. Maintaining your website means updating with fresh contents, keeping it free from errors and maintaining a high position in search engines.

Once your site is online, you will need some to keep it updated. Sometimes it is a simple change, like changing a date, or adding a new section or some other modifications.

Web maintenance services by a third party can substantially reduce your costs by eliminating the need to hire full time web design professionals or programmers.

Their services include-

1.   Keeping your site up-to-date-Search engines will more regularly spider your site, if the content is continuously updated. Adding a new article in every week may solve the problem. Other updating involves changing information regarding products, services, prices-which will keep your visitors informed.

2.   Checking for broken links-Broken links upset visitors, making them click elsewhere. You will lose potential customers, if they are not checked properly.

3.   Managing your site - With the help of new technologies, a vendor can make changes that will improve your site’s performance. New innovative features must be added from to time.

4.   Re-structuring your site - Using your site access statistics like the number of visitors visited daily, what they really want from your site, a vendor/third party can help you re-structure your site contents for increased business.

5.   Writing correct and clean HTML code-HTML errors can negatively affect your search engine rankings.

Depending on the frequency, you need to update your site; you can make a contract with a vendor. For small business owners, who occasionally need a vendor, pay-as-you-go is a perfect plan. You can pay them hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly-as per your workload.

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