Spanish Transcription

Spanish Transcription means transcribing into Spanish text after listening audio tape. It can be from Spanish to Spanish or from English to Spanish. It includes the ability to comprehend Spanish and ability to follow accurately the basic elements of conversations and telephone calls. The aim is to transcribe the entire recorded conversation, unless informed otherwise.

To transcribe Spanish language, you have to change the keyboard setting in your computer to include Spanish characters. Follow the steps listed below to change your keyboard setting.

1.   Click the ‘start’ button.

2.   Select ‘settings’ from the start menu.

3.   Select ‘Control Panel’ from the setting menu.

4.   Select ‘keyboard’ from the control panel.

5.   Click on the ‘language’ tab.

6.   If the current language is English, click the ‘Properties’ button.

7.   Select the ‘United States-International’ from the list.

8.   Click ‘OK’ to exit the language properties dialog box.

9.   Click ‘OK’ to exit the keyboard properties dialog box.

Once the keyboard is changed to United States International, you can access most of the special characters and other programs by holding down the RIGHT ALT key, when you type these characters.

Transcribers should skip over the parts that are unclear or inaudible. This arises if there are more than one or two portions of overlapping speech, heavy background noise over a portion of conversation or any other reason. If any portion of the conversation is skipped, there should be a timestamp and add the notation ‘[[skip]]’.

Breakpoints are simply places where the transcriber has inserted a timestamp to describe a portion of speech for the purposes of ease-of-transcription. From the point of view of the transcriber, the telephone speech is divided into a series of breakpoints. They can be inserted wherever they seem convenient to the transcriber, but not in the middle of the word.

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