Why People Are Choosing Cash Gifting Over MLM

MLM (Multi-level Marketing) has been the standard for online businesses for quite some years now.  People are getting tired of it though.  MLM has some seriously disturbing factors about it – regardless of the particular program that you may be involved in.  Let’s take a look:

1    All MLM programs are based on the promotion of bogus products.  You pay a monthly subscription fee for a product that nobody wants or needs and then you are stuck trying to promote it to others to recoup your investment costs.

2    Unfailingly, the only people that make money in MLM programs are those who have huge downlines.  They’ve worked for years to develop these downlines.  This makes it very hard for the newcomer to generate any cash at all – let alone something that they could live off of.

3    MLM turns out to be a solo endeavor.  Most programs have up-lines that are either uninterested or unable to help the newcomer.  That’s one big reason that over 97% of MLM endeavors fail wretchedly within the first year.

Cash gifting programs eliminate all of the nonsense that you will find in the MLM programs.  First of all, there is no bogus product to buy or sell.  Cash gifting is about like-minded individuals giving and receiving cash.  It’s about sowing and reaping.  Gifting represents the timeless concept of generosity.  You give to those who are less fortunate than you, and in return you recoup your investment many times over.

Cash gifting is all about teamwork.  Experienced mentors are in place to help you through every step of the process.  These professional coaches have been where you are as a newcomer.  They care and want to help you to succeed because your success is their success.

Also – unlike MLM – gifting programs have well established and proven statistical success offline.  This is good because when you bring in a newcomer to an online business, there is an extreme learning curve to overcome.  Technology confuses many.  These people are free to develop their gifting business by offline advertising mediums as well as the online ones.  This enhances the individual’s ability to duplicate the proven methods of success.

Cash gifting programs are becoming incredibly popular again.  Even if you have been involved in MLM programs, you can offer your downline an opportunity that they can actually profit from.  Constantly monitored databases ensure that the playing field is level.  No one can possibly be cheated.  You make an initial investment.  Then it’s your turn to recoup the investment.  It’s that simple!  Explore the realm of gifting programs today.  Eliminate the hype and drivel inherent in MLM programs.  It’s all about making money, right?

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