After years in the beauty business my small group decided to open a salon

together, we had no idea what we were in for but we moved forward. We planned,

designed and built our dream salon and spa in about 9 months in Santa Fe, NM

which is probable one of the hardest cities in the country to open a salon

and spa in but what the heck, "we have a concept, a goal and an idea." Our

idea was to create a salon and spa that was comfortable for both operators

and clients alike. Our concept was and now is to work with the local rape

crises center in order to better the lives of women in need of a little pick -

me-up. We created a company we named "B beautiful," our goal is simple and

that is to create an asset to the community a salon and spa that cares enough

about its staff to try and consider health, dental and a 401K. The B

beautiful group's idea of creating a comfortable and elegant environment for

both clients and operators to enjoy was easy. Getting people to fill the

positions was and is not so easy at all.

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