What to Look For When Buying Kids’ Furniture

You want the best for your children and their bedroom furniture is no exception.  Comfort and safety should be your first priority, but there are a number of other features to consider when looking for the right furniture.


No furniture in your home takes more of a beating than your kids’ furniture.  From a baby tugging and chewing on a crib rail, to a teenager diving onto a bed, kid’s bedroom furniture has to take a lot of abuse, so make sure you buy from a quality builder.  You can get a good idea about quality by checking references and testimonials, talking to family and friends, and simply giving the furniture a good going over – most people can tell a durable piece of furniture when they see one.

However, when it comes to kid’s furniture, durability does not always mean long-lasting.  Even the finest, most durable baby furniture will be too small in a few years.  Many manufacturers build quality furniture sets that can be expanded as your kids grow, so it’s durable and long-lasting.


When choosing furniture, we often don’t think a lot about how it will be used, opting instead for looks or a good price.  Nowhere is functionality more important than with kid’s furniture.  Baby bedroom furniture has to be safe for your baby, but right for your needs too.  Look for shelving at the proper height so you don’t have to reach too high or too low for diaper changing needs.  Also, try to find cribs with mattresses that can be raised (so it’s easier to get your newborn in or out) and lowered (so an older baby can’t climb over the rail.)

Even children’s and teen’s furniture needs to be functional, with desk space for computers and game consoles and a place for all their belongings.

Of course, there are other things to think about when buying kid’s bedroom furniture.  You ca create different moods in the room, depending on the style you choose, and matching sets will give a room a more pleasing, professionally designed look.

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