Is a laptop better than a desk top

why would i buy a desktop thats in one spot all the time ?

Naturally, a desktop computer is more powerful, expandable, and cheaper than a laptop. But you can't take carry it around with you, because the leads wont reach and its rather heavy

On the other hand, you could be sitting in a pub garden or a trendy coffee shop,having a drink while pouring over your e-mail and chatting on a mobile phone - now that's the way to go.

Why you need a laptop

Basically you want a laptop for one of the following reasons:

As your main computer

Why bother about saving money with a desktop when you really want the portability of a laptop?

A desktop computer can't pretend to be a laptop, but a laptop can certainly pretend being a desktop: You can use a full-sized keyboard and monitor with your laptop. You can also connect any number of desktop peripherals such as a printer, scanner, external hard drive, and so on. But, unlike a desktop system, you're free to disconnect the laptop and take it with you whenever you want.

As a space-saving computer system;

Unlike desktops, you don't need to have a set place for your laptop computer - that is, you don't need a computer desk. If space is tight in your house, flat, or collage room, keep the laptop on the shelf or in a drawer. Then set it up on the kitchen table or coffee table when you're ready to work. Forget about the constant mess and clutter that orbits the typical desktop computer station!

As a second computer;

Why buy a second desktop computer when you can get a laptop and enjoy not only the presence of a second computer but the ability to make that computer system portable? Further, you can network the two computers together, letting them share an Internet connection, printers, data, and files. But you still have the luxury of having one portable system.

As your on-the-road computer;

Laptops let you take your work on the road great for the salesman,delivery driver,courier. After a few moments of synch (transferring current files between your desktop and laptop), you're off and running to anywhere you like (though being in direct, bright daylight can make it difficult to see the laptop screen).

When you return from your trip, just perform another synch, and you catch up both computers for the day.

A laptop can give you the freedom to take your work with you:

� Laptops let you escape the confines of your office and do work anywhere you like for a few hours. Or if you have power at your location, you can plug in and work all day.

� The laptop lets you take your work with you when you most motels/hotels have wifi connections

Why you don't need a laptop

Laptops aren't cheap. They're also expensive to fix. They can easily get stolen. The battery life never lives up to the printed specifications. You may find getting work done on a jet or in a caf� really difficult because people either look over your shoulder or ask you questions about the laptop. Ack! But you may think that those minor quibbles don't outweigh the benefits of owning a laptop.

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